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Escrito por Raymond J Loan   
Viernes 24 de Septiembre de 2021 08:02

The Stone of Time”
for feature film or television mini-serie
Genre: Science Fantasy
Pages: 160

 A space opera of magic and fantasy about a legendary stone that can control the time which when stolen by a new race of humans causes a stellar confrontation in which magical creatures, mutants, robots, humans and other mythological beings take part: ones to recover that stone and restore the order that rules the Universe,  and others to lord over it.


Story Line.

In a distant world where humans now live, a rebel planet has taken over the power of an unknown stone that can control Time. The Atlanteans of the water worlds fearing the worst send their princess in search of the Plant from which life is born but the princess is captured, and there is no hope. Now the destiny of the universe is in the hands of a young evolved gnome and the explorer robot that walks with him..


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